The Pros And Cons Of Neo-Cons by Irfan Yusuf

Just wanted to post up this interesting review of the recent Quarterly Essay by Waleed Aly – the review is by Irfan Yusuf.  Linkage:


“In his Quarterly Essay, Waleed Aly looks to the past for the future of conservatism in Australia, but Irfan Yusuf wonders what — and who — has been left out of his political vision”

“Muslims did suffer severe headaches and a fair few civil rights infringements during the Howard era, all in the name of national security. But Muslims have never had their social security benefits quarantined on the basis of their ethnic or religious identity. Muslims were not subject to a severe intervention which could only be implemented by suspending the operation of the Racial Discrimination Act. And Muslims have not had their children stolen from them as part of a deliberate government policy.

Aly’s inconsistency reflects a lack of empathy we sadly see all too often among defenders of multiculturalism, especially current and former “ethnic” leaders. Today’s migrant brown man complains of the white man’s prejudice toward him but neglects to recognise the responsibility of both white and brown migrants toward the continued dispossession of the original Australians. Muslim leaders should not expect empathy when they do not empathise toward those who have suffered much more and for much longer.”

So much more interesting thought in this review – pleae click the link and read it! 



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