Life Learnings

I wrote this article  recently, for the Crescent Times, after a really low point in my life and after some really low acts happening around me.  Not the best written article, but straight from my heart ❤

Life Learnings

By Eugenia Flynn

One of the first things I instinctively learnt as a child, growing up in the Indigenous community, is that the majority of Indigenous people have a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in their lives.  In my first real job in Government, I learnt the real terminology for this fact was that the majority of Indigenous people have compounding complex life situations and trauma. 

I recently took time out from things (including this column – a big thank you to the Crescent Times for bearing with me) to deal with some of my own compounding complex life situations and trauma. 

When things like this happen to me, it really puts life in perspective for me – it makes me realise how much I love Allah for example, or how much I should not care about the small stresses in life – these are real life learnings for me. 

There were two things that happened in my life just after this whole time that really sent home a new learning for me and I wanted to share this learning with the world. 

Firstly, my sister rang me, pretty upset about some racism she had just encountered in her workplace against Aboriginal people.  After talking it over and consoling her, I realised that I do not often experience racism in my current life – aside from random racism on the street and occasional racism in social settings.  I suppose this is because my work and my social networks are generally places where racism does not exist, because of the nature of my work and the kind of people I associate with.  Alhumdilillah, I consider myself pretty lucky in this regard, whereas my sister is not – the nature of her work means that her chances of experiencing racism are increased. 

So what of those who are not afforded the same level of protection from racism that I am?  One would normally assume that racism would generally come from White Australians and that in your own community you would not experience racism.  Unfortunately, as Muslims we know undoubtedly that this is not true.  For example, normally I have experienced racism from Muslims as an Aboriginal, but more recently, I saw the kind of racism that can exist for ‘white’ Muslims.  A brother I know was told in no uncertain terms that his being ‘so white’ made another Muslim ‘sick’. 

Back to my original point, this was the second thing that happened in my life that contributed to my life learning.  The learning is this: when you have a life that is already full of compounding complex life situations/trauma you should be afforded the opportunity to live in a community that supports you, not one that adds to your complex life by forcing you to deal with racism.  Even further, this kind of racism should have absolutely no place in the Muslim community and we should all be working towards the eradication of racism in the Ummah.  Simple, really.  Or is it?


3 thoughts on “Life Learnings

  1. I’m so sorry your sister had to deal with that Genie 😦 I feel quite sheltered from racism most of the time because my home work and social lives are generally safe spaces for me. And the racism I do face is more often than not well-intentioned-but-clueless racism which is annoying and patronising but at least there is no malice there. Although sometimes I feel like it is still just as bad.

    I used to expect better of Muslims but I’ve since given up.

  2. Assalam alaikum wr wb, sister Eugenia. You are awesome. And this is such a big problem in the Ummah, it is terrifying. Don’t get me started on the racism around finding marriage partners. It is so hurtful it’s unbelievable.

  3. salam alaikum sis Eugenia.

    No doubt racism is a sickness plaguing the whole world, not excluding Muslims. If Muslims were really following Islam correctly they wouldn’t be racist..

    By the way, I’m from an Arab background and I cop racism too sometimes simply for being an Arab (even in a mosque). It gets me heaps angry but I just ignore it and leave it to Allah almighty.

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