Young and Restless?

There has been quite a bit happening lately that has been kind of astounding me.  I work for a young people’s organisation and whilst I may seem young to some, I suppose I am now moving out of the ‘youth’ bracket and getting a little older, a little cynical, a little jaded, a little old-fuddy-duddy.  So here are my thoughts on some matters:

1. To be a Blackfella does NOT mean to be African American.  I grew up in the 90’s and Hip Hop and R&B was my vibe – I listened to ATCQ, LL Cool J, Xscape, Guy, Blackstreet, Wu Tang Clan, Bone Thugs, Mariah Carey, Usher back when he was a boy, New Edition, Tupac, Biggie Smals, Bell Biv Devoe, Deborah Cox, Zhane, Naughty By Nature, Coolio, Keith Sweat, Janet Jackson – the list goes on of all the Black American music that filtered through to the ears of young blackfellas growing up in Australia.  As I got older, I connected with other blackfellas around the country and discovered that they all listened to the same tunes I did – it’s great now to reminisce over these ‘old’ songs and how they made us feel as young Black people.  So I wonder where things went wrong?  I can’t pin point the moment, but at some point it feels like young blackfellas stopped being young blackfellas who liked Black American music and became young blackfellas who want to be Black American and started to copy cat.  Maybe it’s just my perception, but the music, the dancing, the images – it’s like everything has become a copy cat rather than what is real, making it our own, keeping our own culture involved and alive within it…and that makes me sad.

2.  “Nasty get your clothes on, I told ya!” – I was reminded of this song today.  Ironic that it was written and performed by Destiny’s Child – I feel like singing this song to Beyonce now and telling her to get a clue!  But on a more serious note, from the mouths of babes I was asked why I was getting my hair cut when “no men would get to see it anyway” (referring to my hijab-wearing-ways).  This sentiment has stuck with me and I want to remind all young women everywhere that your beauty is about YOU not about others and whether they find you hot or not.  More than this, beauty is not purely about sex, it is about a mix of femininity, grace and sex appeal.  P.s. I’m glad to discover that increasingly I’m not the only one to notice that Beyonce has become whiter and whiter in looks as her career progresses…what the?!?!

3. Sex sex sex – why is everyone doing it so damn young?  God, I feel like such an old prude lol.

4. You are owed nothing as a young blackfella – yes our land was taken away and we deserve acknowledgement and some kind of compensation (however that comes – let’s debate that some other time) BUT if you don’t work hard you don’t deserve much out of life in return.  Harsh, I know!

So those are just some of the thoughts rolling around in my head as someone who is kinda young, working with the actual young (and the very restless it would appear)…


3 thoughts on “Young and Restless?

  1. Salam sis. I hear you loud and clear. I’ve been thinking along similar lines for a while now (and moreso since my birthday is coming up… Feeling old I tell you) and I just don’t know what to say about the young ones coming up today. Kids 12, 13, 14 having sex, it’s just not what it used to be and it’s sad that it is the way that it is. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the younger kids these days just don’t seem to have the same respect for their elders that we got drilled into us as kids. (I am really sounding like an old fuddy duddy now lol) Like give up your seat for your elders, offer them a cuppa and basically just do as your told and don’t answer back (otherwise you copped it). Nor do many of them seem interested in the cultural events available to them now. As you would be aware, the cultural facilities and programs that are around now are much easier to access than what we used to have, ut it seems that most of them just want to sit around listening to the good old Black Americans and getting stoned or drunk. I realise this is a broad generalisation and there are many of our youth that don’t do these things and are actively engaged, but there are so many that fit within that generalisation. It’s sad to see such great opportunities wasted.

    1. Walaikum Salaam Jamila, yeah I know what you mean. It’s not that all of our young blackfellas are like this it’s just that it hurts extra hard when they are. I have a higher standard (because of a greater love) for our people 🙂

      p.s. we are overdue for a catch up!

  2. as salamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu, to my sisters in islam
    (translates as peace be upon you and the blessings of Allah) i have to say i am not indiginous but i am a muslim sister of scottish ancestry and you are my sisters in islam, and as our beloved prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) taught us that no person is superior over the other, it is thier love of (Allah)GOD which makes them better or not, in degrees with Allah, thats why i love islam and hate racism in any form. may Allah give your people and all people the gift of islam ameen!

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