Random Black thoughts…

So I’m deleting my facebook in order to have more “real” relationships and also to force myself to blog more. What I’m thinking of doing thought is just transferring a couple of thoughts/posts/things from facebook to this blog. So here goes…

This first one is something that a friend (can I call you that Mera?) and colleague (I think I can safely call you that – geez these are very western-centric terms – we are community members who are friends – what’s the term for that??) posted on facebook that I LOVE LOVE LOVE:

Nonviolence declares that the American Indians could have fought off Columbus, George Washington, and all the other genocidal butchers with sit-ins; that Crazy Horse, by using violent resistance, became part of the cycle of violence, and “as bad as” Custer. Nonviolence declares that Africans could have stopped the slave trade with hunger strikes and petitions, and that those who mutinied were as…… bad as their captors; that mutiny, a form of violence, led to more violence, and thus, resistance led to more enslavement. Nonviolence refuses to recognize that it can only work for privileged people, who have a status protected by violence, as the perpetrators and beneficiaries of a violent hierarchy.” – Peter Gelderloos, “How Non-VIolence Protects the State”

This second one is something I wrote in response to Barack Obama’s recent visit to Australia and the announcement that a US Defence Base would be placed in the Northern Territory:

beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing! how can anyone be happy that the US will have such a strong military prescence in Australia? and does no one else see the racism in the current rationale? are we really back to the days of being scared of the “yellow peril” from China? and it’s the wrong kind of logic to say that Australia needs the US to have a base here so that we can be protected from the scary Chinese. don’t fall for all the lies people!! /end rant

This third one is something that my friend Ren1 wrote, also in relation to Obama’s visit to Australia:

Sorry, but Obama getting a free pass because he’s black is not the kind of ‘equality’ I’m into. Seems that I’m in a minority though…

And from a friend of Ren1’s (who I’m not friend’s with, so not sure if I should put their name to it…) on the Occupy protests:

“So, let me get this right…..the children of the occupiers are trying to occupy the institutions of the occupation to redistribute the wealth from the occupation. Oh well, at least that will keep them occupied.”

Just love these things floating around and thought I should take the time to collate a few of my favourites here…food for thought, words for food…



3 thoughts on “Random Black thoughts…

  1. Good on you Eugenia, Facebook can be useful for the short, sharp share, and you using the slightly longer form of the blog to collate some of those shares is a next valuable step. I hope you attract conversation through your blog, the FB village is very seductive and it’s difficult to lure people out of it, but I’m with you!

    1. Hey Sandra, I hope I can attract more mob out of facebook and twitter worlds to interact with me here…a big task to undertake though! I’m having massive withdrawals from facebook as we speak….argh!

  2. Eugenia, I know from my time in that village you would invariably get thoughtful comment on most things you posted; yet people in general seem to find clicking out of it difficult … I wonder how you’re going with it now?

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