Gendered children’s clothing – a pet hate of mine…

So I’ve talked about this with a few people before and then found this absolute gem! I hate the fact that children are forced to subscribe to gender stereotypes so early on and that they are forced to become consumers so early on… (surprise surprise consumerism and aggressive marketing is at the root of this evil…)

Please read, learn and act on this article:

When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?

Peace out!


3 thoughts on “Gendered children’s clothing – a pet hate of mine…

  1. Differences between the sexes, gender differences and gender stereotypes are all fascinating topics; and Eugenia they are topics I’d like to converse more about with you and any community you attract here. Colour-coded kids’ clothing doesn’t really irk me; but then again I have a 17yo son who wears Sponge Bob t-shirts – so maybe we just missed out on this whole what is appropriate thing …

    1. gender norms fascinate me – my and other’s explorations in love and matters of the heart have taught me that what some people think is an appropriate relationship between straight friends of the opposite sex is different to me.

  2. You know what I think is missing? – Mindfulness. Mindfulness on how to develop relationships of trust and shared meaning while maintaining distance; how to have fun without subscribing to anything-goes … I don’t know, so many contemporary ways of communicating seem to be oriented to breaking down distance between people, between women and men, as if close proximity is inherently a good thing. But I like my warm regard served with a modicum of distance and lashings of good taste 🙂

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