Raise your children RIGHT!

Word to the wise: Raise your children, particularly your daughters, RIGHT and prevent this sort of thing from even beginning!

In my work with young Aboriginal people I found that this was way too common and that there is a predatory nature to young men as a response to this kind of display from the young females. I also found that young women were acting like this to attract the young men – such a vicious cycle! Stop it now by raising your children with better role models of good healthy sexuality:

Latest teen Facebook craze described as ‘haven for pedophiles’

A new Facebook trend that features teenagers posing naked with only hats covering their genitals has horrified safety experts.

According to a Herald Sun report, there are countless Facebook pages that have sprung up showing male and female teens in provocative poses.

It’s believed the trend started at a Queensland high school before becoming an online fad.

The original page has been locked and shut down however now there are spin-off pages, including location specific sites and male and female only versions as well as groups condemning the phase.

It’s believed blog was created with all the uploaded pictures raising the possibility of all the photos being stored on someone’s computer.

Cyber safety campaigner Susan Mclean says the sites are a “haven for pedophiles”

“It’s no use saying ‘it’s just fun, it’s harmless fun,’ the consequences can be quite severe,” she said.

“It is going to end in tears and those pictures – it’s not like sending it on your phone to your boyfriend who may or may not send it on – this is on www (world wide web).

“They’re on public sites, anyone can see them and people are posting them with their names, they’re proud of the photos.”

Not only does posting photos a risk future employment, it also poses a risk of child pornography charges.

According to McMclean: “Children under the age of 18 all over Australia are routinely being charged with child pornography offences.”

Child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg says it shows that teenagers aren’t getting enough cyber safety education.

“You’ve got the perfect storm here. You’ve got the immature teenage brain with the technology which is in the moment and of the moment,” he said.

“Combine those two things together and you have precisely the sort of behaviour you’re going to get and without any regard at all to the implications for the young person in the future.”

It’s believed Queensland police are monitoring the trend.


One thought on “Raise your children RIGHT!

  1. Exhibitionism seems to be all the rage in cyber-space, across all ages and to all sorts of audiences. A very unfortunate current reality. I think you’re right to point out that upbringing has a lot to do with whether people fall into these unhealthy behaviours.

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