The lesser known victims, they deserve our attention too

I really support this speech that Chief Commissioner Ken Lay gave at a White Ribbon Day event, speaking out against violence against women. I think it really brings in to perspective an issue that has been bugging me for a while now:

There is a lot of attention around the high-profile cases – the heinous murder of Jill Meagher and the grizzly and horrible murder this week of Sarah Cafferkey.

But the reality is not just about these awful and horrible cases but in the grinding violence which happens day in, day out, in every part of our city and state.   Sadly, the vast majority of violence against women still happens in the home, and is committed by a husband, partner or boyfriend. 

I hope that we see as many people (around 5000 people according to The Age) as we did for Jill Meagher also supporting White Ribbon Day and the many women who suffer violence at the hands of their family members or spouses. Frankly, I feel like it would be completely hypocritical not to.

(Note: the rest of the speech can be read here – but be warned that it contains graphic details of violence against women.)


2 thoughts on “The lesser known victims, they deserve our attention too

  1. Well said I particularly liked this quote – I really think that most people have no idea the magnitude of violence out there

    “Violence against women is not ok, it is not acceptable. It is a major issue for every police agency across Australia and internationally. It is also not just a policing problem – violence against women is a public health problem; it is an education problem. Police cannot stop family violence on our own”

    I wonder when will this change? Mel

    1. Thanks for the comment Mel – I agree with that statement that it is a public health problem. We really need to raise our children correctly – both boys and girls – to have the right attitudes about gender and also about violence.

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