This life…this life…

I’m very fortunate to be connected with amazing people, particularly women of colour who share in solidarity with other peoples staunchly, whilst lovingly. One of the women I have been privileged to meet has shared some of her thoughts on the young woman from Delhi who recently passed away after a brutal gang rape and assault.

I’m sharing this because I think they are worthwhile thoughts and also well written in a way that I just can’t at the moment as I’m not in the right headspace.

Let me explain a little…

Right now I’m on holiday with my husband back in South Australia and Western Australia. On this trip I am starkly reminded that it feels like when I am in Melbourne, that we live in an alternate universe, that we live in a little bubble with our friends and social network of like minded individuals.

Out here in our home towns it can be confronting. This person gets smacked around by their partner. So and so was locked up for a gang bang that went wrong (um, so you mean a gang rape?). Just saw a woman, naked, getting bashed and kicked by her partner so we dragged her inside the pub to safety and called the cops.

I don’t know. I don’t want to write these things down because it makes a good story, or to gain some kind of credibility through them, or to feed the seemingly insatiable need for graphic stories. In fact, I don’t know about even posting this up because these aren’t really my stories to share and to be honest I really hope no one who knows any of the people reads this and I hope my husband never does either.

So I guess what I’ll do is post up this link to share a little, through my friend, of how I’m feeling about the Delhi gang rape case and in solidarity with the women of India from an Aboriginal Chinese and Muslim woman I’m Australia:

Been sitting with the devastating news of her death

Thanks for writing it Mera – I really appreciate it xoxo


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