Freedom, Don’t Stop, Fighters!

I tried to watch the news the other morning, but they were showing the inauguration of Barak Obama instead. Then I saw this video posted by a few friends on Facebook:

Cornel West Explains Why It Bothers Him That Obama Will Be Taking The Oath With MLK’s Bible

Freedom is one of those tricky things. Most people view it in a way that is relational to them, their set of circumstances and most importantly to what the media and government tell us freedom is. One of the best tricks that has been pulled over people’s eyes (particularly in ‘the West’) is that we are free. But how free are we? How free are we when Aboriginal people have to live with post-colonial lateral violence, dismal health statistics, regular deaths in custody and more? How free are we when we are constantly in the debt cycle or our right to a house and food can be taken away just because being productive in society means making money? How free are we when our so-called freedom is based largely on the poverty and oppression of others (e.g. those overseas who we bomb in the name of ‘freedom’ and those who we exploit in factories and mines in the name of ‘free’ markets)?

Conclusion: I don’t think we are very free at all…


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