The Racism Post – I’m calling you all out!

People don’t like to talk about racism. They don’t like to admit it when they are and they don’t like it when people call racism. In fact these people who get uncomfortable, when faced with a call of racism will often go on the defensive and claim political correctness, espousing how it is the end of Australia. This seems to be a common reaction for many people in Australia and in fact, Australia as a whole hates the ‘R’ word so much that on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Australians celebrate the very non-confrontational ‘Harmony Day’.

For self-preservation, I try to avoid all forms of racism on social media – pretty much because the place is FULL OF IT. Lately, however, I’ve been a bit more confrontational about it all and my reaction usually depends on the exposure (therefore how many people I can educate), how much I care about the person to educate them, or if I want to just delete them out of my sphere and not deal with it. Recently, I have deleted the following people:

  • One Muslim sister on FB who thought it was hilarious that her daughter wanted to be “white again” after getting a tan and proceeded to laugh with her friends that her husband is “full Indian” or even calling him “Chris Rock” (way to teach your daughter that being dark is a bad thing and that it’s so hilarious to be a dark-skinned Indian or Black like Chris Rock);
  • UPDATE: I have since been informed that this is a quote from Southpark ( One Muslim sister on Instagram who posted a photo of a Mexican restaurant she went to with a caption that read: “I’m Jennifer Lopez and I love Burritos and Tacos!” (or something like that, I’ve since deleted her so I can’t see it anymore, suffice to say it is not only an offensive post but incredibly stupid as Jennifer Lopez is not even Mexican); and
  • UPDATE: The sister involved has advised that she is not a racist and that this is an inside joke with a friend who never says delicious properly and always says derricious (yes, you read that correctly). One Muslim sister on Instagram who posted a photo of food she had eaten a Chinese Restaurant with comments underneath in a stereotypical faux Asian accent – “Derricious!” (or something to that effect – again I deleted and can no longer see it; I gently challenged what she wrote and received no response, so I deleted her).

As I have come to sadly resign myself to, this theme with Muslims continued with Australia Day being a day when racist Muslims and their slightly less culpable (questionably) counterparts, the ignorant Muslims, came out of the wood work in droves. Alongside what has become a staple of Australia Day propaganda about how great Multiculturalism works in Australia and what a great nation we are without any race problems (also known as the Australian-flag-hijab-photograph), I saw these ridiculous postings all over the place:


^^ This guy is a public figure – a Muslim comedian who has a lot of followers and fans on social media. I cannot believe he posted up this drivel! I notice that he deleted it and then posted up something more mild:


Sorry mate, but I already screenshotted your original ignorant post and I can see straight through your fakeness. The irony of the replacement post is amazing as he tells people off for pretending to be revolutionaries when he originally stated “STRAYA C***S!!” (bogan-speak for praising Australia) and then says “I don’t celebrate today…”

Then there was this by an actual organisation, my response and then the ignorant response by another Muslim who just DOES NOT GET IT:


*sigh* and then there was this epically arrogant exchange between myself and someone who is somewhat a “leader” in the Muslim community in Adelaide. I did lose my temper toward the end, but wow the arrogance. And note, how he did NOT stop his friend (this was on his Facebook, so the person was not someone I knew, but his Facebook friend) from making INCREDIBLY racist remarks to me.

His original post:


My response:


Someone tried to engage me in a proper debate about my thoughts, but then there was this guy who went in on the racist drivel:


So it was doubly distressing to read the brother’s lacklustre response that really says nothing when his friend is making incredibly racist remarks and he says nothing but this:


I had already explained that the day is the date of invasion and therefore akin to the date Israel was created for the Palestineans, so I got mad in the face of this lack of acknowledgement, coupled with the intense racism (there was more racist drivel but I’ve decided not to post it) and posted this (only to get more jibes from the racist):


…and then there was this incredibly arrogant and infuriating response. I guess some people, despite constantly posting about Palestine, in their effort to suck up to White Australia, just don’t get it (he even used the term ‘Settlers’):


And, unfortunately, it didn’t really stop here for me. Australia Day was closely followed by the Anthony Mundine Vs Daniel Geale boxing match. For people who don’t know, Anthony Mundine is a very outspoken Aboriginal athlete who can be very arrogant and often shoots off at the mouth. The thing about him though, is that he is a community person, he is very much embedded in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and he often expresses thoughts that many Indigenous Australians agree with – e.g. calling out racism and more. This makes him wildly unpopular in the wider Australian community and the media. Geale, as another Aboriginal boxer, was on the receiving end of some very unsavoury remarks from Mundine about his Aboriginality and the fact that he is from Tasmania. Mundine was completely racist against his own and a lot of Aboriginal people were mad at him about it.

So anyway, in this context, Mundine made comments about boycotting the Australian Anthem and Flag at the upcoming bout, which of course, set all the racists off (note: this does not include other people who do not agree with his comments but can keep racist comments and thoughts out of it – I respect diverse opinions). Anyway, Mundine lost to Geale and everyone has an opinion on it. I posted up on Facebook and Twitter:

Mixed feelings about last night. I was going for Geale because I thought he’d have the fire after the comments Mundine slung at him, but when Mundine lost I realised that deep down I thought he would win and I wanted him to. I hate that people are so vitriolic against Mundine because of his comments – yes they may not always ring true to me personally, but at least he is fearless and he has great pride in being Aboriginal. I mean, really Geale, what’s with the Australian flag? I was against you being co-opted by racists last night, but it seems like you may have opted in yourself there!

This is a sampling of the response I got from my Twitter, which is open to the public:


(Thanks for your intelligent and respectful debate Atomic Dog!)


(Yes he was racist against me as a Black person, made Islamaphobic remarks about my ‘cape’ aka my hijab and was incredibly sexist and disgusting – a triple insult! Interestingly he deleted his profile after he wrote this or maybe blocked me – the VERY definition of gutless – hiding behind a Twitter profile and then deleting yourself after making an incredibly disgusting post. I like how he tried to insult my intellect by using the term ‘essay’ – one can only assume because he feels inadequate about his own intelligence so felt the need to attack mine!)

Anyway, just wanted to expose these people. And as a parting jab, take a look at this example of White Privilege during a discussion about how you cannot say who is a ‘good’ Aboriginal and who is a ‘bad’ Aboriginal, just as much as you can’t say who is more Aboriginal based on blood quotient:


And there you have folks! Delete, delete delete – racists be gone from my social media!

P.s. sorry if the pics aren’t clear – not sure why they aren’t coming out clear enough to read easily!


15 thoughts on “The Racism Post – I’m calling you all out!

    1. Thanks Zayinson. I definitely do not think of myself as a hero, more of someone who just got mad and couldn’t put up with it anymore. The hard part is dealing with the haters – but support like yours helps so THANK YOU!

  1. I could see the same entrenched racism come out of people I thought were better than that as Australia came closer and closer. To top it off I posted a pic from a FB group which discusses invasion day. ALL of the idiots came out of the woodwork and I deleted one, probably another to follow, arguments included:
    1. It’s the way of the world, more powerful groups of people steal land from others, get over it. – Deleted this person after giving a respectful reply to which there was no response.
    2. Everyone should ‘move forward’ by forgetting the past and celebrating Australia day together – HATE this argument because if it’s not ignorant of the reasons why a date change is beneficial, it’s just paying lipservice to the view of the majority who have no problem with the date, which in itself is racism.
    3. forget about it, no parliament will ever change the date. – Stupid argument. 2 Australians of the year have called for a date change and 1 State premier.

    1. Yeah I find those arguments so easy to rip to shreds and yet somehow my counter arguments never seem to get through. I find the second example you give is the most prevalent and quite often coupled with “you hate Australia, why can’t we have a day to celebrate Australia” – it’s like, ugh, I never said we couldn’t mate, I just said it’s on a day that excludes a significant group of people!

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and even more than that, thanks for being a stand up human being 🙂

    1. Thanks Bron, I definitely have discovered of late that it’s my Facebook/Instagram and I can have it how I want. I can save real relationships and conversations for real life 🙂

  2. Great post Eugenia… I found myself super irritated by one Islamic organization — that deals with arts and culture– status on Australia Day… sometimes they make me hate the use of the word “peace” if you know what I mean…

    1. Hey sis, yeah I agree, I think the platitudes that are used are the ones given to the community by Government officials sometimes :/

  3. The racist attitudes expressed throughout social networking sites are appalling. Late last year I had to call a Facebook acquaintance out on their antisemitism. The individual (who is sadly working as a counselor at an Islamic school) actually posted a quote attributed to Hitler, can you believe! So disturbing.

    It’s admirable that despite the backlash you have faced, you have always stood up for what is right – and with style. Your blog posts are always well articulated, on point and insightful. You are an amazing person. May Allah reward you, Eugenia.

    1. Thanks Zan, yes I am questioning someone who posted a quote attributed to Hitler as well. This must be a new thing doing the rounds amongst some of our community. Very very sad. And thank you for your support – it means a great deal to me ❤

  4. Snaps sister!  You know what? I read this article with a smile on my
    face as I realized something today. I have noticed in the last 6 -12
    months that there has been an outcry from the Anglo white people that
    they are now the ‘discriminated against’. But I realized when I myself
    have gotten into long winded debates on various social media how well
    educated people of a culture are. Take myself as an example my mother is
    a stolen generation and a elder of the Canberra community (Ngunnawal
    Elder). I was debating the other day about the ‘seas of grog’. I started
    my argument with stating that Australia has a welfare state and the
    entitlements and rights of people who belong the democracy of this
    country. I then went on the discuss the UN International Indigenous
    peoples bill and how Australia is currently breaking rights of citizens
    of its democracy. How then Australia discriminates against it original
    inhabitants with other various moments in history – like Aboriginal and
    Torres Strait Islander participation in the war. Lastly if we do not get
    things right today, NT and QLD Aboriginal people are going to be like
    Southern mob with loss of language and sacred ceremonies.

    This was retorted by 3 lined answers (max) from Non-Aboriginal people,
    who are living in the NT that they know that there is no culture left.
    That this history was 200 years ago. Or the I was not responsible or
    part of it, or the ‘get over it’ and then enuf said to complete there
    highly researched retort!

    What I am getting to all this is?  Yes white people are being
    discriminated against as they espouse and talk on things they clearly
    have no education, understanding or knowledge on. It is like going to
    University when you are at a primary level!  The days of Pauline Hanson
    and the ‘handed down knowledge around the kitchen table’ which has now
    being delightfully defined as ‘intergenerational racism or (my favorite)
    ‘institutionalized racism’. I have noticed the whole as you mentioned
    screaming of ‘PC is out the window’. This I hold my stomach and double
    over laughing as to have Political Correctness you need Political
    Understanding of the subject!

    To complete this all you need to say is – Sarah Palin!

    1. Love it Della! And so true, I think it’s just the arrogance to presume to know whether that is male privilege or white privilege.


    First of all without any doubt that you fight for a noble case no one ever can deny the rights of aboriginal people .
    Since you deny The Australia Day as it is set by what you call ” the white skin” .
    you said in the begining ” im calling you all out” yes you are right but you need to ask a question first; are we aboriginal ready to perform that on the ground?/ are we visible? are we heard? to get an answer you need to feel and grab the essence of Blacks journey in america. All what aboriginal do is smoking weed and driking alcohol ,we are not even awake ,,we need first to build our identity the african american activists fought to be heard they build their own identiy within a white community, the activists like malcolm X, M.L.King, Alyah Mohamed fought to build an identiy for the blacks to b visible and heard. MARCUS GARVEY said “take care of your teeth,take care of your clothes then claim your rights” when adressing Blacks in america he wants them to get educated build their own identity ,to be visible ,,are we aboriginal doing the same?? are we visible? we are nothing,we can only smoke weed and drink alcohol, we can not EVEN think properly , no education ,we are not heard, OUR IDENTIY IS DENIED. How to build it? LEARN then LEARN then LEARN when we ,aboriginal ,reach the stage of scholars ,thinkers and the aboriginal academia dominate australia only at that time you will be heard and obeyed when you say “i am calling you all out” when aboriginal academia dominate political and cultural scene in australia you cAn call anyone out but historically speaking even that starategy failed as well, when NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and african american) activists called for this separatist strategy to make another Home for black american in africa it failed simply because black-american are already fused in the community they couldnt separate them,they got some rights recognised by law they build their own identity different one from the white,we aboriginal MUST do the same.
    “Im calling you all out” as if you are adressing the ocean to be out, it s a stunning flow of ethnicities, races,cultures ,ow yea and languges which means cultures,where is the aboriginal language,traditions,habits from all that? we are invisible.
    Regarding muslim celebrating Australia DAy which you regard as a slap to aboriginal, i would say muslim is a belief is not a tribe,they can be aboriginal and muslim at same time still they can celebrate like any ceremony not only AUstralia DAY which is set by the British not the aboriginal.

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