Festival of Reaction

My piece on the Overland Literary Journal website regarding Islamophobia, Whiteness and White Privilege, and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas:



One thought on “Festival of Reaction

  1. Hizbut Ta-hrir’s constitution sanctions the execution of homosexuals and apostates. This comment applies equally to you, Ms Flynn: “[Yassir] Morsi neglects, of course, to remind his readership that the organisation of which Badar is a spokesman seeks the imposition of a totalitarian medieval Caliphate in which dissent is crushed, homosexuality and apostasy are punished by death, women and non-Muslims are subjugated, adulterers are stoned, murderers are publicly crucified, and thieves have their limbs amputated. The inclusion of such information might have required him to recalibrate the degree to which Badar’s hitherto wholesome reputation had been traduced.” http://jacobinism.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/defending-indefensible.html

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