What Happens When The Ride Is Over? – in VICE Magazine

Hey peeps, was approached by VICE to write something on everything happening with the Sydney siege and this just came tumbling out.

Hope you all enjoy…

Much has been made of the ‘good’ that could possibly come out of the ​tragic siege in Sydney that ended with three dead, including the alleged gunman himself. Social media is abuzz with the hashtag #illridewithyou where people let Muslims know that they will travel with them on public transport if they are dressed in Islamic clothing. It is a galvanizing response from a social media community that is fearful of islamophobic attacks, as payback for the fact the gunman was a Muslim, now seeking to exert some measure of control amongst the gathering hysteria.

Whilst filled with good intentions, this kind of public performance of activism and solidarity should be taken with a grain of salt. In the age of social media, it seems many question: if a good deed is done without posting it to social media, does it really ever happen at all?

Read more here….


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