Piece in IndigenousX on institutionalised racism

Here’s something I wrote for IndigenousX late last year. Sorry it has taken so long to post!

Cultural Awareness Training Is Not A Punishment, Or A Cure-All For Institutional Racism

by Eugenia Flynn

As the collective consciousness of the globalised world becomes more and more raised, racism appears to be on the way out along with sexism and homophobia. But how out can it become when we continue to pretend that feel-good solutions like ‘love’, hashtag activism and cross-cultural training are cure-alls? Without working in tandem with real plans for systemic change the hearts and minds solutions are rendered ineffectual. A real plan takes real commitment to admitting what does not work, a commitment to losing money and status if the one-size-fits-all system does not really fit all.

Entire piece can be read here.


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