On Australia Day and divide and conquer strategies

So I wrote this about the billboard campaign featuring two young women wearing hijab. It was emotionally exhausting, but needed to be said.

Full piece:



Ultimately, it is the very same racism that has been used as justification for the invasion and oppression of Indigenous people that is now used as a template for Islamophobia in this country. You cannot separate the work for Indigenous rights from anti-Islamophobia organising as Islamophobia will never end whilst we continue to maintain the oppression of Indigenous peoples. In order to achieve the realisation of Indigenous rights as well as in the fight against Islamophobia, we must recognise that the goals are linked and work in solidarity together.

One thought on “On Australia Day and divide and conquer strategies

  1. Assalam alaykum Sister Eugenia,

    I agree broadly, but breaking things down for the ways they are differently manifested (even if from the same Source) is still valid strategy.

    Allah swt made many Nations and People’s and made them different, so that we could come to know each other. Any “nation” of Islam will be very different from that based on ethnic or cultural ties, even as any attempt to homogenise (conscious and unconscious) stands in the way of coherency of both.

    That said, also the degree to which we ourselves are still trapped by “colonialist” frames and assumptions, even as we use them to fight them, is well worth exploring. The Ihsan/Tasawwuf call to work on perfecting Adab, vs perfecting discourse/debate, as a means to convince Hearts to turn.

    Wa salaam,
    Isma`il Chan
    Morpeth Australia

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