Proud to be your worst nightmare

This isn't the first time my realness has been questioned. Since childhood I have been asked if my racial mix is real, or responded to as if it is something astonishing. As a convert to Islam, you should see peoples' heads explode when I add that one in too, or the way people try to 'figure me out' … Continue reading Proud to be your worst nightmare


Australia Day? Survival Day? Invasion Day?

This piece caused a lot of conversation....or controversy (however you want to look at it). Anyway, read and enjoy! Big thanks to Crikey for publishing it: "At some point, however, Aboriginal protest to Australia Day was rebranded and became the more mainstream-friendly “Survival Day”. Here was an alternative celebration that was not protest, but a … Continue reading Australia Day? Survival Day? Invasion Day?

Indigenous X

Here is the "5 Questions" profile I did for The Guardian when I was hosting the IndigenousX account on Twitter - a must follow for all you tweeps out there: was pretty stoked when former Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, tweeted it saying "beautifully written":Thank you for everyone's support during that week!


There has been something simmering for a while now that I want to expose, demolish and redirect – right here and right now. Today, I am enraged and I do not apologise for those who are about to be swept up as I deal here with some very seriously messed up attempts at practicing critical analysis … Continue reading Solidarity – YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG

This life…this life…

I'm very fortunate to be connected with amazing people, particularly women of colour who share in solidarity with other peoples staunchly, whilst lovingly. One of the women I have been privileged to meet has shared some of her thoughts on the young woman from Delhi who recently passed away after a brutal gang rape and … Continue reading This life…this life…

Re-imagining reconciliation: where to next?

Here's an article I wrote for Re-imagining reconciliation: where to next? by Eugenia Flynn National Reconciliation Week took on a particular significance this year as it coincided with Mabo Day and the 20th anniversary of the High Court Mabo decision. Perhaps it is timely then, given the Mabo decision and its links to the reconciliation movement, … Continue reading Re-imagining reconciliation: where to next?

It’s four in the morning

A Palestinian friend and colleague asked me some months ago if, as an Aboriginal person, I could tell her why Aboriginal people don't ever just kick everyone else out of Australia and reclaim the continent. I responded that I didn't think this was an option and given that it isn't an option, there is little … Continue reading It’s four in the morning