Danger Asians panel discussion

Super excited to be on this panel for Footscray Community Arts' West Writers Forum! The panel is called Danger Asians and here's a great write up (in which I talk about Pauline Hanson, power dynamics in arts and literary industries, growing up Aboriginal-Chinese and then becoming Muslim). http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/books/west-writers-forums-danger-asians-debate-explores-the-perils-of-pauline-hanson-20160721-gqat7y.html "It's about tastemaking. If the people who … Continue reading Danger Asians panel discussion


The Classroom in TLB

I wrote this one hot and fast and never thought it would be published - so thankful to The Lifted Brow for publishing it! The Classroom by Eugenia Flynn Laughter, anger, annoyance. These are all the different ways I grew out of feeling embarrassed about others’ fear of the unknown. Maybe White Australia can take … Continue reading The Classroom in TLB

In Review: HiRISE

By Eugenia Flynn A review of RISE Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainee's latest presentation, ReDefiant's HiRISE Last week I went to the only thing I had time to view at the Melbourne Fringe this year - the encore performance of HiRISe, an ensemble performance work devised and performed by ReDefiant. Having performed two sold out shows … Continue reading In Review: HiRISE

On Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines – Your Black Fetish is showing…

Growing up Black in Australia in the 80s and 90s means that I am heavily in to R&B and Hip Hop, even though I consciously think about the representation of women, sexuality, materialism, violence and more in much of this music. Guilty pleasure, sometimes I just want to switch off and enjoy. Exhibit A: My love for Robin … Continue reading On Robin Thicke and Blurred Lines – Your Black Fetish is showing…

Control of Black Images

Jimblah (deadly Indigenous rapper) sent me a link to an interview he had given recently (linkage: http://hungrybeast.abc.net.au/stories/hip-hop-not-49) and it reminded me that there are blackfellas out there who still idolise gangsta rap and all that ish as what it means to be an Indigenous Australian.   This also reminds me that there a whole lot … Continue reading Control of Black Images