The Changing Nature of Racism

I wrote about the changing nature of racism from overt to covert, here. Enjoy the read... Here is a confronting example: while race-based legislation may be gone, Aboriginal children are being removed from their families at a higher rate than ever before. While the majority of Australians condemn overt racism, Aboriginal children are quietly being taken away … Continue reading The Changing Nature of Racism


Piece in IndigenousX on institutionalised racism

Here's something I wrote for IndigenousX late last year. Sorry it has taken so long to post! Cultural Awareness Training Is Not A Punishment, Or A Cure-All For Institutional Racism by Eugenia Flynn As the collective consciousness of the globalised world becomes more and more raised, racism appears to be on the way out along … Continue reading Piece in IndigenousX on institutionalised racism

Piece in Hysteria

Update: You can read this piece online here - Okay people, my ruminations on Feminism are in the awesome UK magazine HYSTERIA (photo by Bjork Grue Lidin) Check them out at:

Australia Day? Survival Day? Invasion Day?

This piece caused a lot of conversation....or controversy (however you want to look at it). Anyway, read and enjoy! Big thanks to Crikey for publishing it: "At some point, however, Aboriginal protest to Australia Day was rebranded and became the more mainstream-friendly “Survival Day”. Here was an alternative celebration that was not protest, but a … Continue reading Australia Day? Survival Day? Invasion Day?